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Annamalai International Journal of Business Studies and Research (AIJBSR)

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Journal Issues

2015 November Vol VII Issue - 2 Special Issue
International Conference on Global Economic sustainability
Shri Dharmasthala Maajanatheshwara Institute for Management Development, Mysore

  Organizational Social Support : A Predictor of Employees Workplace Creativity
  Annesh V. Appy and Surendra Kumar Sia
  Predictors of Team Satisfaction
  P.S. Manjula and Vaneeta Aggarwal
 Work Motivation and Leadership Styles in relation to Organizational Citizenship Behavior
  T. Lavanya and Namrata Alice Mani Kalliath
  The role of Emotional Intelligence, Perceived Organizational Support, and Intrinsic Motivation in predicting Entrepreneurial Behavior : A Review and Synthesis of the Literature
  Nurul Liyana Mohd Kamil and Aizza Mohd. Nasurdin
  Knowledge, Transformational Leadership, Identification, And Task Performance of Teams : A Review of Its Theoretical Underpinnings
  Azlyn Ahmad Zawawi and Aizzar Mohd. Nasurdin
  Sexual Harassment - A Myth Or Reality In Academia
  J. Anitha Menon
  Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment in Relation to Resistance to Change Among Employees
  S. Sasikala and S. Victor Anthonyraj
  Relationship Between Self Efficacy and Subjective Wellbeing of Employees in An Organization Chanchal J. Nair and Divya Davina T
 Perceived Social Support As A Predictor of Work-Life Enrichment
  Sheetal Kundan Ruikar and Shobhana C. Abhyankar
  Vocational Identity and Ego Strengths in Late Adolescence
  Salome Divya Vijaykumar and T. Lavanya
 Work-Related Quality of Life and Work Engagement of College Teachers
  Meenakshi Gokhale
  Problems faced by female school teachers working at corporation schools in Chennai : A Qualitative Study
  Vithya. V., Karunanidhi S. & Sasikala S.
  Relationship between Marital Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy and Work Engagement among Male employees in the ITeS Sector.
  S. Thenmozhi
  Relationship between Job Autonomy and Job Satisfaction among male employees in the ITeS sector from Chennai City
  Darshini Madanagopal and S. Thenmozhi